The Senior Chef career that is taught in Dijon, is an invitation to travel the secrets of world cuisine and to delve into the specific development of the culinary arts industry. With a 95% practical system our students will carry the necessary theory, and enough practice, to know the most characteristic recipes, the most representative aromas and the most exquisite flavors of the dishes of the different countries and cultures.

The School of Gastronomy Dijon is incorporated to the SEP (Food and Beverage: 11FT171 / Confectionery: 11FT172)


To train professionals with the necessary bases and sufficient knowledge to cover the needs demanded by the Mexican and international gastronomic industry, through the development and application of world class culinary techniques.

Profile of the graduate

The graduates of the Dijon Gastronomy School will be professional Chefs with an integral formation and will apply in their creations the basic principle of "good cooking" acquired in our classrooms. Our professionals will be able to offer food products and services that combine quality and creativity, necessary characteristics to highlight the aromas, textures and flavors of local and international gastronomic resources, which will lead them to stand out in the industry. The students who complete the studies of Senior Chef will have the capacity to carry out the administrative and accounting processes of the area that allows them to plan, optimize and direct the human, material and financial resources of the gastronomic production.


  • Birth certificate
  • curp
  • Secondary certificate (minimum, or last certificate of studies)
  • Letter of good behavior
  • Medical certificate
  • 4 child-sized photos
  • IFE
  • Proof of address

* All documents in original and copy.


First semester

  • Introduction to the Kitchen
  • Sweet Bases
  • Salt Bases
  • French food
  • Distinctive H
  • Food Chemistry

Second semester

  • Mexican Kitchen
  • Italian cuisine
  • Cake shop
  • Planning Menus and Costs
  • Enology I

Third semester

  • Oriental cuisine
  • Bakery, Chocolate and Preserves
  • Arabic cuisine
  • Nutrition
  • Enology II

Fourth semester

  • Contemporary and Modern Mexican Cuisine
  • Cuisine of America and Spain
  • Canapés, Snacks and Desserts
  • Theory of Service and Etiquette
  • Shopping, Warehousing and Logistics
  • Professional practices


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